The London Chop: Revisited

The other day I was clearing out a section of the basement, because we were having some maintenance work done.  While rearranging some items, I found a document that I knew was here, but I had mislaid.  It was the menu and the wine list from the London Chop House in Detroit, Michigan and I would date it to be around 1975.  I discussed this hallowed restaurant back in September of last year.  The original restaurant closed and it has been reopened by a new group, and they are attempting to maintain the charm of the original establishment, since they are using the same address.  My Bride and I have not had the chance to try it, since they have reopened.  We are waiting for the new restaurant to fully hit their stride, before we go there.




The menu and wine list is much too big for me to scan and show in one piece.  I have scanned some of the wine list from the back side of the document, so that we can all drool over what a five star restaurant was charging for great wines in that day.  If only we the prices would still be like these.  So enjoy the visuals.

London Chop House Bordeaux Wine List


I went and averaged retail prices of some of the Bordeaux wines and used a 2010 vintage, and remember that a restaurant will have a further markup:

Ch. Beaumont                                                                 $15.00

Ch. Haut-Bages-Liberal                                                $50.00

Ch. Mouton-Rothschild                                                $1150.00

Ch. Petrus                                                                     $3000.00

Ch. Ducru-Beaucaillou                                                $300.00

Ch. Cheval Blanc                                                          $1400.00

Ch. Haut-Brion                                                            $1200.00

Ch. Margaux                                                                $1100.00

Ch. Lafite-Rothschild                                                 $1600.00


London Chop House Bordeaux Wine List B



Ch. Branaire                                                                 $80.00

Ch. Calon-Segur                                                          $120.00

Ch. Ausone                                                                   $2000.00

London Chop House Burgundy Wine List


On some of the Burgundy wines I could not find exact matches, but I attempted some:

Mersault Drouhin                                                          $42.00

Chassagne-Montrachet                                                $25.00

Corton-Charlemagne                                                    $85.00

Charmes-Chambertin Drouhin                                   $200.00

Eschezeaux Drouhin                                                      $200.00

Beaulieu Georges de Latour                                          $90.00


London Chop House Riesling Wine List


I had no luck duplicating the German wines:


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2 Responses to The London Chop: Revisited

  1. anthony slongo says:

    I worked as a waiter at the Chop House in 1975 and 76. I’ll never forget a german wine served by the glass Wahwener Herrenenberger kabinet, delicious

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