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A Day for Photos

A lot has changed since I graduated from high school.  It seems to my memory, that we had graduation photos, ordered a class ring, ordered a year book and went to a prom.  I remember driving out to pick up … Continue reading

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I am not going to talk about the film with Gregory Peck and Lee Remick, nor the last film that starred a future winemaker.  I was at the Fine Wine Source in Livonia, Michigan tasting some wines.  I am sure … Continue reading

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Two Distinct Cabs

As always, it is not too difficult for me to find some time to do some wine tasting.  I mean, not that I really need any wines to add to the cellar, even if I had room, but one never … Continue reading

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Getting Situated

There is something calming about relaxing after a long ride, and six hours is really my maximum.  I once did a thirteen-hour drive and I pondered if that was grounds for divorce, not really, but in the work environment, four … Continue reading

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Stoke’s Ghost Petite Sirah

“Oh, ho the Wells Fargo wagon is a-coming” is a cheerful opening line for one of the many songs in The Music Man and it best describes the feeling I have when I am opening up the carton from my … Continue reading

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A Syrah and a Merlot

I always look forward to the last wines to be tasted, because by rights, and if the tasting proceeds as it should, the last two should really shine.  This was the case the other night when I did a tasting … Continue reading

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Jordan Painter

The guest speaker for Klinker Brick Winery at D. Vine Fine Wines in Livonia was Jordan Painter, who is the Regional Manager for the winery and he was a good soul, as his name was printed on the sheets as … Continue reading

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