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The Promise

By the time this article publishes, the majority of the people that have tickets for the premier night showing of The Promise will just be reading some words of William Saroyan at the end of the movie, before the credits … Continue reading

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My Week of Hell

I am just pleased that I occasionally get ahead of myself in writing, because this is not a week that I would wish on any one. When I got home last Friday night we had a mini-flood in the basement, … Continue reading

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New Wine Coasters

During the Christmas season, gift giving is the norm and sometimes I get wine and sometimes I get wine themed gifts. Over the years, I have written about many gadgets and trinkets that are strewn across our house. I always … Continue reading

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“Oh, the Pain”

The Wine Raconteur is feeling mortal at the moment. In the last month, I went from being a teenager to getting a crashing blow to the psyche, my Blood Pressure went from a wondrous youth to the inevitable onset of … Continue reading

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“What a Great Job We Have Lucky!”

That was a recent tweet that myself and many other bloggers received a couple of days ago on Twitter. Writing about wines and dinners may sound glamorous, or it may sound like boasting, but you have to remember that some … Continue reading

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Success (?)

I think that I have found a way to remove the stubborn labels that refuse to leave a wine bottle. I know it sounds silly, but I like to save the labels to look back on, and they are great … Continue reading

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Two Milestones

My one-thousandth article is now published. I am sure that that it is considered inconsequential to some, but I think it is a big deal. It has been a slow learning curve and finding ways to get comfortable and introducing … Continue reading

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