Two New Wines plus a Bonus

My Bride left me… for another business trip that took her to a resort here in Michigan. That is usually how I state it, more for laughs, with my tongue firmly in place in my cheek. She was attending a board meeting and I could not attend this trip. After the business meetings during the day, they all meet for dinner. As they were leaving the dining room that they all met in, there was a wine tasting being held in the lobby of the main building. My Bride decided to take advantage of this tasting to see if there was anything that she would like. There were two wines that she liked and she got the business card of the firm that was handling the wine tasting and she called me that evening all excited.

Meiomi Pinot Noir 2013
The first wine that had tickled her fancy was a wine that I have tried and I didn’t realize that she hadn’t had it. She tried some Gascon Malbec 2012 from the Mendoza region of Argentina. This is a fine every day bottle of Malbec with a good deep color and the fruit forward taste that this varietal seems to always show. I think she was a little disappointed that she hadn’t found a new wine for me.

Gascon Malbec 2012
The second wine was a new one for me, and I could hear her excitement over the phone. She had a tasting of a California Pinot Noir from the Wagner Family of Wine. The Wagner Family of Wine has a couple of wines that we always enjoy as in Conundrum that great blended white wine that is always (so far) been a winner for us. Then also there is Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon, as well as when the Gods are looking favorable upon us their Caymus Special Select which is a wonderful wine, though for us it is a special occasion wine. This wine is from their Belle Glos collection; Meiomi Pinot Noir 2013. Meiomi is a tribal California Indian term for “coast” and this wine is a blend of three different coastal counties of California. It is a blend of Monterrey County, Sonoma County and Santa Barbara County. She was so happy with this find.

Gascon Colosal 2012
When she returned home from the trip and I was helping unload the car, there was a case of wine to unpack as well. She had gone to the wine shop on the way home and bought six bottles of the Meiomi and she was going to get six bottles of the Malbec as well. Like I said she enjoyed these two wines. The shop only had five bottles left of the Malbec and they suggested another bottle from the Gascon line that I did not know of. She bought a bottle of Gascon Colosal 2012 which is also from Mendoza in Argentina. This is a red wine blend of Malbec, Bonarda (or Charbono) and Cabernet Sauvignon. So she figured that this was not too far of a stretch from the Malbec wine that she had enjoyed the night before, and I am looking forward to trying the two wines that I have not had the pleasure of, as of yet.


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7 Responses to Two New Wines plus a Bonus

  1. Amazed that your lovely bride will bring home wine! My wife would never, ever, buy wine! You my friend, have a true accomplice…

  2. Sweet lady, your bride!

  3. We tried that first Gascon in our Malbec tasting a while back and I seem to remember that I liked it too. Now, the Colossal, with that name it sure should be interesting! Looking forward to your notes when you try it….in person (preferably) or on the blog! Sorry I have not been a regular as of late, things just have been a tad busy…give your bride a hug from the both of us!

    • Oliver,
      Yes we enjoyed the Gascon, and then I tried it again, another vintage I believe. I have a Pinotage that I am holding for you to try, and who knows what else. I think everybody understands your lack of appearances as you and Nina are having a grand vacation. I shall give Judy and hug for you, and you may extend the same to Nina for me. Looking forward to your further exploits and then eventually in person.

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