A Night in Petoskey

As I reflect on all the snow around me, I am trying to think of better thoughts.  One of the thoughts I settled on was being in Petoskey, Michigan in the summer.  It is a very quaint resort town if you have never been there, with some boutiques and an array of assorted restaurants.  Sometimes I get the best of being a spouse on a business trip, because I can take leisurely walks and enjoy myself while my Bride is stuck in the affairs of business.  She only gets to enjoy some of the resorts in the evening, unless there is a day trip planned.  After a fine afternoon of enjoying a cigar and aimlessly walking about, we met up to have dinner with some other associates of hers.

 Celeste Tempranillo 2006

We met at a restaurant called the City Park Grill, which is aptly named as there is a park across the street.  The restaurant is in an older building that has had a storied life, including a brush with Prohibition.  Over the years there have been a few restaurants in this location and the City Park Grill while not a glamorous name is a well appointed eatery in Petoskey.  Originally when I first looked at the menu, there seemed to be an influence of an Asian Rim with some of the flavors and sauces, not my first choice, but I was only one of a group.  I started to relax when I saw some dishes that I could relate to and I felt a little easier.  We started with some grilled Balsamic/herb marinated chicken skewers, but I passed on the hummus plate, with all of the Middle Eastern restaurants in the Detroit area, I didn’t feel like having hummus up North.  My Bride is very easy to please in a restaurant, unlike her husband, and she quickly ordered an entrée of salmon, which is always one of her go to dishes.  I was getting concerned that I was just going to have to order a filet, when I spotted a pasta dish that was filled with the tastes of New Orleans, so I opted for that.  I enjoyed it, and so did everyone that sampled some of it when it came out.

 MI City Park Grill MB

Trying to pick out a wine with an assortment of dishes on the table can be tricky, but I saw a bottle of wine that I thought would work out with the dinner.  We had Celeste 2006, a Tempranillo wine from the Ribera Del Duero district in Spain.  This wine is a selection from the larger Torres Winery of Spain.  It is always fun to try a different bottle made from the Tempranillo varietal, as there is such a wide range of tastes that one encounters.  It can be quite mellow and at times I have had some very large mature wines that sometimes over power the dinner.  This particular wine was in the middle of the range and it worked well even with my Cajun/Creole concoction that evening.


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