Two Different Cabs

After enjoying the impromptu wine tasting, I discovered that my friend had bought some wines for his shop to share with his customers.  Not only did he buy a group of all of the wines that we had tasted, but he also bought two more Cabernet Sauvignon wines that were not part of the original tasting.  These were two more wines from the Don Sebestiani & Sons group of wines, and I wish to state that other then tasting and discussing these wines, I have not gained any financial interest or even any free wines from this distributor, so all of my discussions are the same as if I had encountered these wines in a different venue.  I am still a Blogger with no advertising revenue or complimentary wines coming my way.

 Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

The first wine that I tasted as I was pouring some for customers of my friend’s shop is Aquinas Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 from Napa Valley, California.  I was surprised at the name as I immediately thought of St. Thomas Aquinas and his studies.  This is the very inspiration for this wine.  The idea of combining the idea of taking something fine and making it available for the masses is the idea.  What they are attempting is making a more affordable Cab wine from Napa, that is one with out a hefty price tag and I do think this is a noble concept.  I found this wine to be enjoyable, not stellar, but very drinkable without being in the “heady” group of Cabs that I can think of when I can discuss these wines from the valley.

 Pepperwoodgrove Cabernet Sauvignon NV

The other wine is an import from the Valle Central of Chile, where a lot of delightful and very affordable wine is coming from these days.  I was pouring some of this wine to some customers that like wine, but tend to ‘quaff” as I like to term it.  I was pouring them some Pepperwoodgrove Cabernet Sauvignon NV.  The wine is a Cab that also blended with 15% Merlot that is fruit forward and made for immediate consumption and with this in mind, they have achieved the goal.  The wine has won 17 “Best Buy” designations from Wine Enthusiast and 21 “Best Value” from Wine Spectator.   It was a fun wine and some wines should be just that, with just being good value.  I remember that it was the first wine I had encountered that had a plastic self peeling wine foil that coiled off the bottle once you started the procedure and it was sealed with a “zork,” a plastic cap with a small cork on the bottom of the cap, similar to some bottles of fortified wines that I have opened in the past.  It is funny that I would be so impressed with this simple but fun way to open a bottle with out the aid of a cork screw and that it also was not a screw cap closure.  I also understand that this wine is sold in bulk boxes of wine as well, so they should become a popular wine and a good introduction to new wine drinkers as well.   Two different Cabs with two distinct tastes and philosophies from the same parent company and it was fun to try them side by side with different people.


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