Vacation Memories

As a raconteur, I allow myself the leisure of rambling on at times.  I also have maintained souvenirs from vacations, which have allowed me a bit of “show and tell” at times.  Not only can I show wine labels or if I am in a hurry the wine bottle.  I also try to show matchbooks, when that was a common “gimme” that most hotels, restaurants and bars offered, in hopes that it may cause a return visit.  We also used to have a collection of cocktails stirrers, which is another item from a bygone era, not to mention that people (and surprise we are not of this group) collected ashtrays, before the government mandated that one cannot smoke in an establishment, but they still condone the practice as a way to create tax revenue.  I also have a friend that collects bar coasters, which are still being produced.

 Vacation Souvenirs

When friends come to our house, one of the wall curios in our family room is a framed “what-not” display that we inherited.  The question was what could be displayed in this wall hanging.  Enjoy me a little freedom from a wine article and we found the perfect keepsakes from our business and vacation travels.  We have acquired oodles and oodles of airline liquor bottles, not to mention that we also buy some unique items during our trips.  We have a very suitable liquor cabinet as we try to be good hosts, and periodically there are some guests who prefer not to have wine.  We may not totally agree with them, but we can certainly make them feel at home with a good drink or even a beer, if we know in advance on the suds, as neither of us really drinks beer.

 Four Different Bottles

Most of these bottles are still intact, though I am sure that there have been gremlins on the premises that have out of curiosity opened and enjoyed a drink or two.  The collection runs the gamut from the ordinary to the esoteric, and as I say some have been purchased as a reminder of a great trip.  Others may think of it as hoarders, but I have too many good memories to be made allow negative comments on our eclectic collections.


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3 Responses to Vacation Memories

  1. If the little bottles start filling up all the empty places on the floor until there’s no place to walk comfortably from room to room, then you’ve crossed over into hoarding. Until then, it’s a “collection.” And I’ll happily have a wee dram of that Johnny Black, after dinner. 🙂

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