Charity in Burgundy

The great vineyards of Burgundy are divided into the Cotes de Nuits and the Cotes de Beaune.  From all of the readings and discussions I have had about the Burgundy region, there are no vast estates similar to what is found in the Medoc.  That a famed Grand Cru vineyard may have several owners of small tracts of land within the delineated area, hence a vintner may only be able to produce one barrel of wine from the land that he owns.  People can wait years to get a small additional tract for their winery.  Then add to this situation, that some of the tracts of land end up being donated to charities.

 Hospices de Beaune Cuvee Clos des Avaux 1970

There is a Hospice de Nuits and a Hospice de Beaune.  These are charity hospitals that have survived for centuries aiding the poor and the needy.  The land that has been bequeathed to these hospices is grown, and wine is made.  The wines are considered by many to be overpriced, but that is because they are sold at auction, and though they are considered overpriced, the auctions seem to be the leading indicator each year of what the other wineries will charge for their own versions of the wine.  In fact you have to look at the labels to ascertain what wine you have, as there are multiple properties.

 Hospices de Nuits Cuvee Grangier 1969

I have had only one bottle of the Hospice de Nuits 1er Cru Cuvee Grainger 1969, and from the vintage you can see that I had it very early in my learning career.  I have had a couple different Hospices de Beaune wines; they were also from the same period.  I am showing a bottle of Hospices de Beaune Cuvee Clos de Avaux 1970, which is a Premier Cru of Beaune.


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One Response to Charity in Burgundy

  1. Christina says:

    I visited Burgundy last fall— stayed in Beaune, in fact! Touring the surrounding vineyards was a wonderful experience, and you wouldn’t have a clue just looking at the land how divvied up the vineyards actually are. It’s pretty amazing.

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