A Surprise Guest for Thanksgiving

The usual crowd was coming to the house to celebrate Thanksgiving, as well as the birthdays in the month of November.  Not to mention that the family from Louisville were also in town for the holiday.  Can you say full house and not as in a poker term.  My Bride was a whirling-dervish with all of the preparations for the day.  She was roasting a turkey and a leg of lamb, plus all of the side dishes, and then there were more sides, appetizers and desserts being brought by some of the guests.  My Bride even got artistic, and who knows where she got the time to do it, but she saw a picture from one of her friends of a vegetable appetizer tray where the items were arranged to look like a turkey.  She was so excited that she had done it.  The funny thing was that everyone admired it so much, that no one really would take any of the vegetables off of the plate for fear of destroying the image.  Other than that, the menu was a huge success and no one went hungry.

 Colgin IX Estate 2005

I was going to discuss the wines that we were serving, and I had even found a new Meritage that I was going to open for dinner, but my Brother-in-Law stole all of my thunder.  He brought a special guest for us to enjoy, after he and his family had stopped at his family for dinner and came to our house for dessert and the birthday celebrations, especially for the children.  His surprise guest was Ann Colgin, alright not her, but her celebrated wine Colgin IX Estate 2005, a Napa Valley Red Wine.  Just the thought of calling this a Napa Valley Red Wine, is like saying Chateau Latour 1945 is just a Bordeaux wine.  This is a legendary cult wine, which can only be purchased if you are lucky enough to be included in the subscription list.  This is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

 Colgin 2005 Cork

My Brother-in-Law and I were the main recipients of his largesse; of course his wife and my Bride also had some.  I was surprised that my Bride tried some, as she usually tries to avoid tasting famous wines, as she feels that it will make not appreciate the wines we have on a usual basis.  Needless to say this wine was near perfect, the only fault, if one could call it a fault, was the nose was not as over powering as some other wines.  The color was perfect, the legs on the crystal was perfect.  There was fruit and tannins in perfect balance.  This was a wine that could easily withstand another ten to twenty years in a cellar.  All I can say is he was impatient and he wanted to try this wine, as he had another bottle in his cellar, and he felt that I would be the perfect one to drink it with him.  I was honored.  We sat at the end of the dining table away from the maddening crowds and kept tasting and chewing this wine, knowing that at some point in time, the bottle would be empty.  This experience was so fine, that neither one of us, even realized that we had missed having any desserts.

Thanksgiving Appetizer Plate 2013

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2 Responses to A Surprise Guest for Thanksgiving

  1. Wow, what an incredible experience! You have mentioned your brother-in-law before—I need to find me one of those types of brothers-in-law!

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