Wicked Spoon

One of the newer hotels on The Strip is The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas.  My daughter wanted us to try the buffet called Wicked Spoon.  She described it as a buffet that was more akin to a tasting menu, rather than the typical Vegas buffet, as she knows her dear old Dad, so well.  The hotel is another example of a glamour hotel, rather than a theme hotel, that was the norm a couple of decades ago.

 Maso Canali Pinot Grigio 2012

We finally found the Wicked Spoon on the second floor, of course, we had entered from the opposite corner of the hotel, but it was fun walking around.  As we entered the room, one of the first things that I noticed, was the wonderful aroma in the room, and I found that appealing.  I walked around the room, looking at all of the stations before deciding where to start.  One of the major differences that I noticed was that the majority of the dishes were actually in little presentations of their own, and not just big chafing dishes that one would ladle food onto your plate.  Some of the dishes were served in little glasses, some in small plates; some were in little frying pans, grillers and other unique presentations.  There were some large plates for self serve, but the better and more unique dishes were already plated as is if it was to be served in an actual restaurant setting. The use of truffle oils, balsamic vinegars and other condiments were listed on the sign holders explaining each dish that was being offered.  Of course in today’s climate of restaurants there was a sushi area, and there was carving area with prime rib, top sirloin, lamb, as well as a whole pig laid out on the counter.  One of the items that everyone talks about from the Wicked Spoon is their offering of bone marrow.  There were fish and seafood, polentas, and even s station to assemble your own Mac and cheese station.  I was pleased with the different offerings, and found that the special pre-plated dishes offered the most nuances of taste and even some whimsy.

 NV Wicked Spoon BC

Picking out a wine for a buffet dinner, was a bit of a challenge, as I didn’t want to get anything that would over power some of the small plates, so I settled on a Maso Canali Pinot Grigio 2012 from the Trentino-Alto Adige region in Northern Italy.  The Alto Adige region is also known as Sud-Tirol (South Tyrol) and is left over from the old Austro-Hungarian empire, in Trentino the Italian language is used, while in the Alto-Adige area the German language is prevalent, which is rather unique, but as one gets closer to Switzerland that is common.  This particular Pinot Grigio wine had a natural spiciness, that can be missing from domestic versions of this wine and it was welcome with the nuances of some of the dishes that we had that evening.


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