A Very Unique Day

Due to the new rules of air travel, one never knows how to plan.  There was no traffic encountered from our house to the airport, and there was no traffic at the parking lot, and we immediately got on board of the shuttle and went directly to the airport.  There was no one in line at our airlines desk, so there was immediate service for our luggage.  Then there was no line going through security, it took longer to get all of the bins in order, then the actual time spent there.  So we found ourselves with almost three hours to spend at the airport, before our flight.  I do not recall ever having an experience like this, and I may be cursing the return flight, as this one was such a great experience.

 The Broadway RatPack

Here we were getting ready to see some of our children and grandchildren.  On the plane, I passed on the wine selections and we decided to have cocktails for the trip, not really like us, but there has to be some variance in life.  Even had good luck with the puzzles that I attempted in the airline magazine during the flight.  When we arrived and got to the baggage claim, our checked luggage was third, and fourth appearing on the carousel, the day was wonderful, even I had trouble finding things to grouse about.  The car rental went without a glitch, outside of my usual request for an “American” car, after all I am from Detroit, and this was accomplished with out a problem.  Since our flight was even early, we had time to drive out to the borough where we were staying instead of “The Strip” since this was closer to where our children live.  There was no line at the hotel and we got our room, unloaded and back on the road to the downtown area of Las Vegas where we were going to meet some of the family.  My daughter had arranged for us to see a matinee show of “The Broadway Rat Pack” which featured some of her shirt-tail relatives.  This was a different version of a show we have seen twice in the Detroit area, and it was fun to see a different version.

 Nathanson Creek Cabernet Sauvignon NV

We had a private table behind the general seating, so it worked out well with our grandchildren, some of the parents and my Bride and me.  I must say that all of the children were great during the show and seemed to have a good time.  With the price of wine by the glass at the bar, it worked out to be more advantageous to buy the magnum of wine that they were serving, then by the glass, especially since we could take the unfinished wine with us, after the performance.  Perhaps the only glitch was the sole selection of wine at the show that was red, it was Nathanson Creek Cabernet Sauvignon NV, and the problem was not with the wine, which was a fruit forward wine without any nuance, but made for quick consumption and perhaps quaffing of this wine without the benefit of food, just drinking.  The winery is located in Lodi, California and is a major blender of wines from different locations and different varietals.  I think that my biggest complaint was that this bottle of red wine was that it was stored in the refrigerator, which did nothing to enhance the wine and it was a bit of a surprise as I was handed the bottle at the bar area.  All in all it was good, and the kids even had their picture taken with a couple of the recreators.

 Rat Pack and Grandchildren

Afterwards we all had dinner at Magnolia’s in the hotel, and the children even ate all of the food that they had ordered.  It is always questionable when you have that many children if the food order would just be a waste, and it wasn’t.  As I said, it was a unique day, but a long one for us.  More adventures to come.


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