Celebrating the September Birthdays

As I have written before, we get together once a month to celebrate all of the birthdays for all of the members of the extended family.  It makes it easier then trying to get multiple dates that are good for everyone to attend.  There was some question as to where the venue was to be held, and it eventually fell to one of my Sister-In-Law’s home, so that the kids could go swimming as well, as there is not a lot to do at our house for the youngsters.

 Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay 2012

My Bride started making the preparations for the party on Saturday, as she was meeting one of her oldest friends to make a day of it at the Eastern Market, which if you are not a Detroiter, is a huge series of warehouses where Farmers bring their goods to sell to the public, during the week, it is more for the wholesalers and the restaurants to go and buy fresh products.  There are also many businesses in the Eastern Market area, so one can make a day of it, and have lunch as well, from the many eateries that are located there.  My Bride tends to be the caterer for all of the parties, which is good, as I believe she is the best of the cooks of her family, here in town, her other sister in Louisville is also an accomplished cook as well.  While she and her girlfriend walked the Market, she was designing the dinner that she would make the next day, and she also bought a couple of bottles of wine at a wine shop that is located at the market.

For the dinner, there were many appetizers that were brought by other members of the family; these were mainly salsas, dips, cold cuts and the likes.  My Bride served fresh corn that she had bought, as well as Brussels sprouts that she had sautéed with bacon and onions.  She also made pork tenderloins that she had a marinade of orange juice, soy, garlic and sesame oil, as well as some chicken breast that had a marinade of sesame sauce, both of which were then grilled on the barbeque.  She also made her Caesar Salad, and she made “Birthday Brownies.”  Some of the other invitees brought salads and deserts as well.

 SeaGlass Sauvignon Blanc 2012

She wanted to try the two wines that she had bought.  The first wine was a Santa Rita 120 Chardonnay 2012 from D.O. Valle Central Chile.  Valle Central or Central Valley is one huge designation in Chile, which encompasses many areas, elevations and terroir.  There are some inner designations of the Valle Central, so if you are using this as an indicator, you may get many different tastes from the same varietals, because of the large land mass involved.  I must say that this wine is un-oaked, and had a crisp taste, but there was a definite flint or metal taste to it, which may have been a surprise to some that tried the wine, but very good for the summer.  The other bottle of wine that my Bride bought was SeaGlass Sauvignon Blanc Santa Barbara County 2012.  While the Seaglass Wine Company is located in Napa Valley, this wine was from the Santa Barbara County.  It is a very light wine both in the nose and the acidity.  To me it is a classic California Sauvignon Blanc, not noteworthy but a nice glass of wine on a hot day, with a slight fruit aftertaste.  It was not as crisp as the earlier Chardonnay, and perhaps it should have been the first wine to open as I think it would have been better with the munchies before dinner.  All in all, it was another fine dinner by my Bride, even with the logistics of moving everything to another kitchen.  Bravo.


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