Another Club Meeting

My dinner club had another meeting and we met at the Plymouth Crossing in Plymouth, Michigan.  This is an historic building with a background that I have discussed before, when I mentioned another dinner that I had there with my Bride.  This evening with my club, we were seated in a back room they maintain for parties or groups around thirty-five people or so.

 A to Z Pinot Noir Oregon 2011

This was one of the nights when we have a “Dutch Treat” or we each pay our own way for the night, as the norm is, when we meet three members act as host for the evening.  We still maintained the classic format of three different entrée offerings which were Atlantic salmon, Chicken Marsala and the “Crossing” Rib eye steak with appropriate sides, as well as a salad and dessert.  The only downside was that there was only one waiter for the room, and the dinner portion of the meeting was elongated because of this factor.

 MI Plymouth Crossing Menu

A friend and I decided to order a bottle of wine, which was not part of the wines by the glass that the restaurant was serving.  We ordered a bottle of A to Z Oregon Pinot Noir 2011 with their copyrighted tag of “Aristocratic Wines at Democratic Prices.”  In keeping with that tag line, the bottle had a screw cap closure, and on the back label had a circle with a corkscrew in the center with a diagonal bar across it, an emblem that I had not seen or at least noticed before.  The wine was made for immediate drinking instead of for storage, in my humble opinion, as it was very fruit forward.  This surprised me, as I had never had a bottle of Pinot Noir that had such a strong shift of this nature, at the first taste of it, if I had been offered this glass of wine without seeing the bottle, I do not know if I could have identified it as a Pinot Noir wine.  After breathing a bit, it did smooth out a bit, but it was still heavily fruit forward, which I found to be not the best pairing with the steak, but I think it would have been fine with the Chicken Marsala.  So there are days, like this that I call a learning experience.


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