Wyandotte Art Fair

The term “raconteur” means a story teller, and as “The Wine Raconteur” I can look at an item and relate it to a story about wine.  The late comic Morey Amsterdam was known for having a joke file in his brain, and if one gave him a word, he could use it in a joke.  I am not equating my ability with a fabled comic, but I feel that I can humbly achieve a similar consequence.  There was a period when my Bride enjoyed going to art fairs, some were small and others were quite large, as in the Wyandotte Art Fair which encompasses the majority of the downtown streets.

 Iris Print 1

At that point we were in an acquisition mode for our new home and we were looking for art that we both could appreciate and hang on our walls.  We met after work and went to walk the show in anticipation of finding something, and I remember that it was one of the hottest days of the summer, and since we were both in business attire, we were sweltering.  As we walked past booth after booth of arts and crafts and other sundry items that are the hallmarks of these shows, and I might add that this show carries awards and is up in the pecking order of these art shows;  my Bride espied our next purchase.  There were two numbered litho prints by one of the artists and they both had a depiction of irises.  Now let me explain that one of the criteria when we were shopping for a new home was a formal dining room, and that room has served us well over the years.  The wallpaper in the dining has a very subtle pattern of irises, and these two pictures were going to go into our dining room.

 Iris Print 2

Now here is where the wine comes into our story.  After purchasing the two framed pieces of art, we decided to go and have a bite to eat, and to get out of the heat and humidity.  Suffice it to say, that neither of us care for the food that is associated with art fairs, so we went to a tavern that has served downtown Wyandotte for years called RP McMurphy’s.  Now if you are movie buff, that name might ring a bell, it was the lead character’s name from the play and later film “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  The establishment reminds one of an old speakeasy from the Roaring Twenties, and its appearance has not really been altered probably from that period.  They make some great sandwiches and great bar food, and that is what I chose, my Bride being much more health conscious than I had a big salad.  I can not tell you for sure what brand of wine we had that evening, other then the request for “cold” chardonnay and they kept coming, until we finished our meal and we had beat the heat.

MI RPMcMurphy's MB

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