Gifts from a Vacation

I have to admit, that sometimes I am just like a little kid, when I am presented with gifts.  I am always so appreciative of gifts that I esteem them, because I am honored that someone that enough of me, to buy me something.  When my Bride returned from her “girl’s” vacation in North Carolina, she was busy unpacking her luggage and she did not want any assistance.  That is always a clue, that there is something that she may not want me to see immediately.  So I stayed at my desk in the office working on the computer.  Then she came into the office and handed me a couple of gifts to say “thank you” for letting her have a private vacation.

 Hahn Winery Meritage Central Coast 2011

One of the gifts was a box of chocolates that she got me, while they made a side excursion to Asheville, North Carolina.  There was a chocolatier that furnished the hotel with chocolate for the guests, and they also made a wine chocolate, which she bought for me, as she knows that I have been known to enjoy a piece of chocolate now and then.

 Renaissance Box of Chocolates

The other gift was a bottle of wine, are you not surprised?  It was a bottle of Hahn Winery Meritage 2011 from the Central Coast of California.  This is a family owned winery, and this Meritage was a blend of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.  I looked at the price tag that she left on the bottle and I saw that it was from Belk’s in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Belk’s is a department store down there, from the old school and the last time we were there together we did a wine tasting in the store.  I also remember that there was a cafeteria or small restaurant near the wine shop and one could order some dishes and buy a bottle of wine to enjoy with the meal.  I wish this service would be offered at more department stores, but then wine is not carried in most stores any more.  I remember the old days, when the prestige stores offered a wine department, like the former J.L. Hudson Company in Detroit.


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2 Responses to Gifts from a Vacation

  1. Smart lady, your bride!

    We had a Belk’s when I lived in Tennessee–but no wine there. Sadly.

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