A Great Phone Call

On occasion I get phone calls from friends about wines, and I am sure that if you are reading this, and you are known among your friends for wines, you get similar calls.  I was actually getting ready to write an article, when I saw a friend’s name pop up on my phone and I always enjoy talking to him as he is very gregarious and has become quite the “foodie.”  My Bride and I and he and his wife have enjoyed several wonderful meals together out and about and even back and forth at our respected homes.  I am probably a bad influence on him as his enjoyment of wines has blossomed since we have made our acquaintances.

 Pride Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 - Google image

He called me from Nashville, Tennessee as he was with his wife at a conference, and they were out on the town that evening.  He asked me if I had ever eaten at Kayne Prime Steak House and I had to tell him that I had never eaten there, in fact I had never been to Nashville, though my Bride has been several times, and he may have blended the two of us together.  He was going on and on about the restaurant and how they were rated one of the top ten in the country, more specific than that, he did not get, but he was looking forward to having a great meal.  In fact later on, he called me back to rave about the Waygu steaks that they both enjoyed that evening, and I told him that I am sure that the steaks were wonderful, as I have only had Kobe steaks a few times and Waygu steaks a few more times then that.

 TN Kayne Prime Google Photo

Anyways, the reason for the initial call was that he was thinking of ordering a certain wine, but he was not sure if he should.  This is where I came into the picture.  He was thinking of ordering a wine from Pride Mountain Vineyards of Napa Valley, California.  He said that they had a 2001 Cabernet Sauvignon for $95.00 and I thought it sounded like a great price, but just as I was checking on it for him, the Wine Stewart had come to his table, just as I was telling him that if they were selling the wine for $95.00 a bottle, that he should buy every bottle and that I would split the purchase with him.  I had to laugh because I could hear the Wine Stewart explain to my friend that he had misread the wine off of one those “kindle” type readers, and that the wine was priced at $950.00.  I could hear the disappointment in my friend’s voice, as he told me that he would call me back, and that he had to make another wine selection.  When he indeed called me back, he was laughing and he could not believe that he had made such an error, and I joked that it was only a decimal point off, in fact now that I think about it, he did not tell me what wine the two of them ended up having, but I am sure that he did a fine yeoman like effort as he did rave about the restaurant, and had a couple of suggestions of where we should go to next, and I am looking forward to sitting across the table from him for another fine meal.


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3 Responses to A Great Phone Call

  1. $95.00??? I would have gone in with you too for a bulk purchase 🙂 We carry $$$$ this in our store now, different vintage, but would love to try it 🙂
    Thank you.

  2. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? (and actually, at a glance, a decimal point is easy to move…)

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