A Conference Dinner

This was a night, which I had originally blocked on my calendar to help go and help decorate a hall for an upcoming reunion that I have been working on.  About a week prior the date was changed, and the night it was changed to I had made a prior commitment for, but it opened up a night for me to have dinner with my Bride and a group of her professional associates.  The conference this time was held at The Dearborn Inn, a hotel complex that I have written about before and is noted as the first “Airport Hotel” in the United States of America, though the airport has long since disappeared from the area.

 Rawsons Retreat Cab and Chardonnay

As I walking through the complex, I passed a public tavern where I saw a group of the people that I would be having dinner with that evening in a little impromptu meeting, so I continued on to the room where the dinner was being held and met up with my Bride.  The majority of the attendees were already there and enjoying the hospitality of the evening, having a drink and enjoying the appetizers that were being proffered by the wait staff.  The appetizers were mini-Bruschetta, which were very tasty just a little messy to eat while standing, especially with a glass of wine in one hand, while talking to people.  The other dish was very delicious and I felt it was novel, bacon wrapped scallops, as opposed to the usual water chestnuts that are usually encountered.  When the staff quietly and efficiently got everyone seated for dinner in the room, they brought out the first course which was a salad with a Maple Balsamic dressing that was very subtle and not sweet, like I had mentally presumed it to be.  The entrée dish that we all enjoyed was a combination of grilled Salmon and a Filet Mignon with a side of a rice presentation, both were properly prepared and it was a nice alternative to “Surf and Turf.”  For dessert we enjoyed a very light, almost Mousse like Strawberry Cheesecake that was excellent, as I am not partial to most Cheesecakes as they tend to be so heavy.

MI The Dearborn Inn BC2

At the bar set up in the room besides the mix drinks and beer, they were serving wine.  It was the same wine that I had, the last time I was at The Dearborn Inn, as it must be there basic staple wine for the catering department, but it gave me a chance to revisit the wines in a different milieu.  The wines were Rawson’s Retreat Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, both of the 2012 vintage.  As I mentioned before, this wine series is from the Penfolds wine group of Australia and has been created for “immediate” use, and I got a chance to try it again.  This time I tried the Chardonnay first, and since I was coming from the outdoors which was hot and humid, I found it the wine to be very inviting and enjoyable, but then how can one not enjoy an easy Chardonnay on a summer evening.  When it came time for the entrée, I switched over to the Cabernet Sauvignon, and I had recalled that I did not like the first taste of this wine, when I first tried it, but this second time that I had the wine, perhaps because it has been opened earlier, was a much better glass of wine, than the first encounter.  So, now I feel that I would not be as hesitant if I were offered these wines again.

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