Harvest on Huron in Chicago, Illinois

I am looking at a book of matches and remembering a day that was rather unique.  I was in Chicago for business and I was walking along the street making my way to the Merchandise Mart for a trade show.  All of a sudden I heard someone yelling my name above the roar of the traffic and other urban sounds.  It was a friend of ours in Chicago who was dating one of my Bride’s friends.  We talked a bit on the side of the street and then he had to go off to his job.  I was surprised that anyone would even see me in the throng of pedestrians on a busy street.  During a break at the trade show, I called my Bride to let her know, what had happened and she had informed me that she had got a hold of her girlfriend and that the four of us were going out for dinner.

 Penfolds Regional SelectionShiraz Connawarra 2003

All was good, the trade show had been a good day, and I had stopped to pick up my Bride at the hotel and then we walked to the restaurant that had been decided on.  That is the great thing about Chicago when you are staying downtown, there is such a plethora of choices to dine at, and most of the time, one doesn’t even need to take a cab, as so much is in walking distance, and there are always people on the street.  When we got to Harvest on Huron, we went to the bar, to wait for our friends.  My Bride’s girlfriend showed up, but she was alone, as her friend claimed to have had something going on.  After our drink at the bar, the three of us went to our table to have dinner, and our friend received a phone call from her friend.  He told her that he had run into me on the way to the Mart and that he and I were going to have dinner together.  She did not say a word that I was sitting across the table from her and when she got off of the phone, she was visibly upset by the conversation and wanted to leave.  We finally talked her into staying, but the ambience of the evening was ruined.  I know that we had appetizers, salads and I believe we all had filets, but the actual menu has been lost to me, as I remember the fiasco that we were watching unfold in front of us.

 IL Harvest on Huron MB

I know the wine that we had that evening, because of my notes from that night.  We enjoyed a bottle of Penfolds Regional Shiraz Limited Release 2003, with the majority of the grapes from one of the Coonawarra Vineyards.  The Coonawarra region is a famed wine growing area of South Australia on the Limestone Coast.  Coonawarra is an Aboriginal word for Honeysuckle.  In the early days Coonawarra was famous for the Shiraz varietal, but now the area is famed for growing Cabernet Sauvignon.


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2 Responses to Harvest on Huron in Chicago, Illinois

  1. What a story! I’m always amazed when people think they can get away with lying (and wonder why they would want to–I mean, if you don’t want to be with someone and would rather be doing something else, why not just end the relationship?)

    So, did the bad vibes diminish your enjoyment of the wine?

    • Tracy,
      We made it through the meal, and we did enjoy the wine, and we still see our friend, even after she moved away from Chicago.
      Thank you for “liking” my essay and for “following” The Wine Raconteur. I hope that I may keep you entertained as I weave stories around the wines.
      – John

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