Sinbad’s on the Detroit River

If one wants to mention an institution in Detroit, Sinbad’s Restaurant and Marina would have to be on a short list.  Since 1949 people have been driving or boating over to Sinbad’s for a bite and a drink or two.  I have been there many a time, using either means of transportation and it is always a good time.  The area may have seen a decline, but somehow Sinbad’s continues to hold their own.

 KJ Chardonnay 1998

I can not imagine that Sinbad’s was ever genteel, as I feel that it has always been boisterous and just a fun place for friends to gather.  There perch is legendary as well as some of the best sandwiches around.  Their burger has a following of its own right and most people that have been there a couple of times, tend to have their favorite dish.  While the food may get to you rather quickly, one is never rushed from a table at Sinbad’s because it seems to generate its own good time glow, and nobody is in a rush to leave this venue.  They even have their own version of a Sunday Brunch that tends to pack the loyal patrons in.

 MI Sinbad's Photo

With the marina on the back side, there is always a crowd, especially during the summer months.  Cold drinks are the norm, and one the biggest sellers is the Hummer.  I would venture to say that beer is the king, though I have been partial to a nice cold bottle of Chardonnay when I am there.  A Chardonnay is wonderful with the perch, and I have been known to even have it with a burger or one of the big sandwiches.  After all, this is not fine dining, just a good time with friends.  One lunch that kind of morphed into dinner as more friends appeared required multiple bottles of Kendall Jackson Chardonnay 1998 and who knows how many bottles of beer evaporated that day.


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