For as long as I can remember, once my daughter started thinking with logic, she has bombarded me with “Dad, why don’t you go on Jeopardy and become rich.”  Now that is not to say that I am a genius, it just has to do with the fact that my brain likes being a depository for arcane and esoteric knowledge, hence even the use of the word “raconteur.”  She would get so enamored that I could be in another room and I could give out the answer normally before, it was announced on the television show, and to this day, she still watches the show and attempts to do it, herself.

 Coppola Directors Cut Chardonnay Russian River 2007 (A)

All this is a long segue for the title of this article “Zoetrope.”  I remember being introduced to this word, when I was in grade school, as we were shown how the concept of motion pictures was developed, just like we were taught to make a series of drawings with ever so slight difference of movement on each corner of a pad of paper, and then fan the pages, so as to watch our own self made cartoon.  The Zoetrope actually means “life movement” and I know the first actual Zoetrope that I saw was at Greenfield Village or the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan as Thomas Alva Edison was an early fan and developer of this new fangled invention.  A film maker who was born in Detroit Francis Ford Coppola named his film corporation Zoetrope as well.

 Coppola Directors Cut Chardonnay Russian River 2007 (B)

Ever since I covered the bare walls in my wine cellar with the labels of the assorted wines that I have drank, I think I have even been more cognizant of the marketing and the designs of the labels.  Some are very prosaic and some are full of whimsy.  This particular bottle caught my eye, and I wish I had photographed the actually bottle, because the label was one long label that the encircled the bottle diagonally a couple of times, that is why I had to scan the label in two parts.  It may be the longest wine label that I have ever encountered.

 The Desk

We had the good fortune to visit the Niebaum-Coppola estate on a trip to NapaValley, where we had booked a special tour of the property, the film museum and a special wine tasting in one of the old cellars of the building.  I wrote about it last year, and I was even photographed next to a very famous desk, that was in the museum, just think of the opening shot of a man, with his back to the camera listening to a man extol “I came to America,” yes it was that desk.  Well here was another production item from this multi-talented man.  The long label had a long name; Francis Ford Coppola Director’s Cut 2007 Russian River Valley Chardonnay.  I had to buy this wine, not only for the label, but for the great memories both of the estate in Napa, and the films that I have enjoyed.   I also have to say, that the wine was very enjoyable and refreshing for my Bride and myself as well as our friends that were over that day for dinner and drinks

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