A Great Save to End a Day

Once a year, normally my Bride makes a business trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for business.  Some years I tag along and other years I do not, depending on the schedule of the meetings, otherwise I may be sitting in a parked car for many hours, and that is what would have occurred on this trip.  I also had to endure the problem that she encountered with the rental car that she was driving, as she had a blow-out on one of the tires.  The good news is that she was in an area where she had good reception for her cellular phone and was able to get a service vehicle to correct her problem.  She called the rental agency, to find out what they wanted her to do, and they asked her to buy a new replacement tire, when it was determined that the tire was not salvageable.   Alas she could not find a tire, but there was good news in that the agency had only one office and it was in the city of Marquette where she was going to spend that evening in anyways.  She proceeded to drive very carefully on the “donut” tire that was put on for her and made plans to change cars the next morning.

 KJ Avant Chardonnay 2009

Since I was not traveling with my Bride, she was doing carry out dinners each evening and retiring to her hotel to catch up on her business work, as she does not like to dine alone, and I understand her thoughts on this.  Though I did insist that she go out that evening as she had planned on and revisit L’Attitudes in Marquette where we had eaten the year before.  She had enjoyed her last dinner there of Seared Ahi Tuna with Wasabi and she said it was just as good that evening, as she had remembered.  She also enjoyed a glass of Kendall Jackson Avant Chardonnay, I informed her that we had tried that wine, as we had bought it one evening for a party, she had just forgotten it.  For the other nights she had bought some small individual bottles of Cavit Collection Pinot Grigio 2012 that she could enjoy with her carry-out dinners and “relax” over the computer.

 Cavit Pinot Grigio 2012

The day she returned home after a six hour drive, we had plans for the evening at an outdoor affair.  Between the high humidity, the high temperature and the occasion heavy shower we felt like wilted roses, and the only thing to drink was soda pop and water at this affair.  Like the “always prepared” Scout that she is, she remembered that she had still had a couple of bottles of the Pinot Grigio wine in the trunk of the car.  I grabbed a couple of glasses of ice, went out a filled our glasses with the wine, which is not how we would normally drink the wine, but if made the heat of the evening more endurable.


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