The Detroit Golf Club

The other night we were guests at the Detroit Golf Club for a celebration of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law 100’th Anniversary.  While I did not go to the School of Law, UDM is my alma mater.  It was a lovely affair and the Detroit Golf Course was a wonderful venue for this event.  The Detroit Golf Course is located in the historic district of Palmer Park in the City of Detroit, not far from the campus of the University of Detroit.

 MI The Justice Fellowship Bklt

We were regaled with a good time from the moment we walked into the building.  There was a pianist playing before we even went into a room to register.  There was a “Barbershop Quartet” singing and representing a certain era of the first hundred years.  There were also individuals dressed in different attires of the past hundred years as in The Roaring Twenties, World War II and even the Flower Power Generation.  These individuals not only roamed the rooms, but explained how the School of Law functioned during these periods.

 MI The Justice Fellowship Auction Bklt

The event had a strolling dinner, and certain areas of food had different themes centered upon the City of Detroit.  The appetizer section had one table that celebrated “Mexican Village” area with Fajitas, while the other appetizer table in another room celebrated “Greek Town” with the flaming cheese and stuffed grape leafs.  The “Italians” were celebrated with a fine spread of a Caprese Salad with fresh mozzarella cheese.  Another room was about “Soul Food” with chicken and macaroni and cheese.  There was a beef carving station, but there was no “theme.”  There was also dessert station that celebrated Detroit with Boston Coolers, and hot fudge cream puffs.

UDM Law School Glasses

Beyond the scope of the food, there were silent auction items, as well as a live auction.  My Bride was in heaven as she wrote bid after bid on probably thirty different offerings.  She was bidding on a doll house, gift certificates at about twenty different restaurants, office equipment and gift baskets.  I bid on a couple of different offerings on wines.  We ended up with a few wins, and I must say that my Bride was so caught up in the activities that I could not find her.  She had volunteered to help the staff on a computer collating the winning bid sheets.  She also told me that she good heartedly mentioned to the other winners, if they had out bid her.  When she finally finished her volunteer work, one of the members asked if they could do anything for her and she just smiled and said an “Honorary Law Degree” would be fine, she said that they just didn’t get her joke.

      Sodaro Estate Winery Box Lid    Sodaro Estate Winery Box Open

Finally I must mention that there was a cash bar for the adult beverages with a fine selection of liquors.  They also had a selection of beers, and the wine drinkers also had a selection of five different wines.  All of the wines were in magnum size bottles.  Four of the wines were from Mondavi of California and they were; Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and a White Zinfandel.  The fifth wine was a Johan Klauss Piersporter Michelsberg from the Mosel in Germany.

UDM Wine Selection


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