MacKinnon’s Restaurant in Northville, Michigan

Downtown Northville is a quaint five or six blocks of Victorian style buildings and for years there was a wonderful restaurant and bar called MacKinnon’s.  Tom MacKinnon was the chef and he was one of the original stars of the culinary world in the Metro Detroit area.   He was also a character that liked to work the front half of the restaurant as well as the back half, as he walked around in a Hawaiian print shirt and chino pants, as I think about it, I don’t ever recall seeing him in the white coat of a chef, he had his own style.  The bar was probably as busy as the restaurant and people always tried to request the tables up front near the windows to watch the pedestrian traffic carrying their bags from all of the local merchants.

There were some great memories of the food from MacKinnon’s starting off with a great jumbo shrimp cocktail and his cocktail sauce was so good that I used to eat the greens that lined the fancy serving piece just to enjoy as much of the sauce as I could after the shrimps were gone.  One of the dishes that were very popular was the Scotch Grill which had a lamb chop, salmon and duck.  I think our favorites were the Beef Wellington that was done in the classic interpretation and his “Blown-up Duck” which was his own version of a Duck Confit and done in a Raspberry Reduction Sauce.  Of course we would also have to save room to share a Banana Wellington with a Caramel-Walnut Sauce and some great coffee at the end.

Domaines Bar de Rothschild RS B

He would always have a Bordeaux wine or two on his list, and even though they were not ranked wines of the 1855 Classification of the Medoc, they were good and very reasonably priced.  One time we enjoyed a Domaines Baron de Rothschild Reserve Special Bordeaux 1993 which we really enjoyed.  In fact the next time we were there I looked for it again, but it was sold out and we had to try another wine, which is just as good, because it is fun to try new wines.


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