The Plymouth Crossing in Plymouth, Michigan

This is a restaurant that my dinner club meets at a couple of times a year.  They have a private room in the back that works for us, and we always have a choice of three different entrée dishes to choose from.  My Bride and I also frequent this restaurant, especially if we are attending one of the many events that are held in downtown Plymouth.  This restaurant is just far enough away from the downtown area, which most people don’t think about it, which is fine for us.  One of the most unique aspects of this restaurant is the building and its history.  It started out as the Markham Manufacturing Company and one of the many items that they made was the Markham Air Rifle.  On the other side of the railroad tracks which run alongside of the restaurant was the Plymouth Iron & Woodmill Company and they created the “Daisy” Air Rifle.  At one time the two companies had a meeting of the minds, and then one bought out the other, and the building became the production facility for the “Daisy” Air Rifle.  In the back room where my club meets there are posters and displays of this history.  In the front of the restaurant are a bar, and a regular dining area, with a patio during the nice weather off of the bar.

MI The Plymouth Crossing BC


The Executive Chef had worked at La Bistecca also in Plymouth before settling in to this restaurant.  Not only do they have a great grill, but they also have some very nice Italian dishes on the menu.  My Bride enjoys the Chicken Tuscany and I am a fan of the Veal Marsala.  With the salads and the sides and the fresh bread, there are many a time when we have to skip dessert.

Marcus James Cabernet Sauvignon Vale Aurora 1992


One evening we tried a Marcus James Cabernet Sauvignon 1992 from Vale Aurora in Brazil.  This was about the time, when the South American wines were first making inroads in the states.  My palate did not notice any great differences from this wine and most of the domestic wines that we had enjoyed up to that time.  It was a good wine, with good color and good nose, but I would not be able to say that this Cabernet Sauvignon was from Brazil, but I could tell you immediately that it was a well made Cabernet Sauvignon.

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