The Greatest Hamburger – Yes, That One

To call the dish that I had a Hamburger is like calling the Mona Lisa a painting, both are classic works of art.  Daniel Boulud Brasserie has taken this dish to new heights.  Let’s face it I love Lafayette Coney Island for their loose burger with heavy, heavy, and heavy.  I enjoy Miller’s Bar in Dearborn and the Red Coat Tavern in West Bloomfield and Royal Oak for the burgers.  No dish may ever compete with “The Burger” at the Daniel Boulud Brasserie, when we dined there at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

NV Daniel Boulud Brasserie MB

We had to go there, after eating at Daniel in the Upper Eastside of Manhattan.  The room at the Wynn was great and we had a view of the waterfall and could watch the light show that appeared on the waterfall; it was very unique and so was the room.

NV Wynn Las Vegas MB

My Bride had a meal of a Caesar Salad with avocado which was very different.  She ordered “Skate Americaine” which also had crab and lobster meat topping the Skate and she finished with a plate of three wonderful scoops of exotic ice cream and some wonderful coffee.  I ordered the Pate for starters, the DB Burger and finished it off with a Carmel Sorbet.  We shared each other’s dishes during each course.

Now I must describe the burger, to make you appreciate why I wax poetic about it.  Start with prime ground sirloin made into a burger and then the fun starts.  Take Red Wine Braised Short Ribs and shred the meat and stuff it into the burger, and then just because it needs a little bit more attention add some Foie Gras in it as well.  Then add Black Truffles on top of the burger, as well as fresh Horseradish, a Tomato Compote and an Onion Frisee.  Put this culinary creation between a homemade toasted Parmesan and Poppy Seed bun.  Then as a side for this burger a tower of Pommes Soufflé seasoned perfectly and very reminiscent of Arnaud’s or Galatoire’s in The French Quarter and this is a meal.  The DB Burger in Manhattan is about fifty dollars, and the three course meal at the Wynn was the same price.  It may have been the most expensive burger, but not only did I want it, I guess I desired it, because we booked our reservation right after our flight and hotel room.

Savigny-Les-Beaune Les Narbantons

To compliment this wonderful meal, I selected a Premiers Cru for Burgundy.  We enjoyed a bottle of Les Narbantons from Savigny-Les-Beaune.  This wine made from the Pinot Noir varietal is so lush and velvety that it just was a winner even with the Skate because of the rich sea food that topped the fish.  Some people may question the sanity of it, but my Bride enjoys rich red wines with her fish dishes.

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3 Responses to The Greatest Hamburger – Yes, That One

  1. Mona says:

    Ahh, really a great story John!
    Told very tastefully as well!
    Now that is a burger anyone would enjoy for sure.

  2. AL POE says:

    Since 1946 Best Burger Bar none

    Mason’s is the place to try the best burger in the state, a double with cheese will bring a happy feeling inside. This full service bar is loaded with many other goodies to order and you must have the burger fresh ground onsite daily. Better service and burgers than Miller’s by far. Named Detroit’s best burger by WDIV poll 2010 which is one of many over the years.

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