Just a few Follow-ups to Earlier Stories

Anyone that has read with any continuity my little essays about wine and my memories with restaurants may have noticed that some of my articles have scruffy wine labels attached to the stories.  I purposely put these labels that I have tried to carefully remove from the bottles as keep-sakes and tokens of the great and not so great bottles of wine that my Bride and I have enjoyed.  I do this; not for my sake, but to give more credibility that I have not just searched the web for wine labels to enhance my essays.  I feel that, as horrible as the label may appear in a scan, which it shows that I have actually had that bottle of wine, especially in the years prior to owning a phone that would enable me to digitally photograph a bottle of wine.


It is also for this sake, that I try to produce a matchbook for a restaurant, especially for the years, when restaurants gladly offered matchbooks as keepsakes and as an advertising tool for diners that wanted to repeat a fine meal.  As a hoarder or a collector of such items (which I will leave each reader to decide) I think it also shows the proof of dining at an establishment.  There are a few restaurants that somewhere through out the years, I have lost some great match books or match boxes that I wish I still had for the purpose of this blog.  All this is a long segue for my having found a matchbook for a restaurant that we dined at several times before and I have already wrote about.  I will also edit the article to add the matchbook that I have just found into the proper page for future readers.  I found a matchbook for the Beverly Hills Grill in Beverly Hills, Michigan.

MI Beverly Hills Grill MB


The other update that I wish to mention is that as I was reading the newspaper, there was an article about the English Inn in Eaton Rapids, Michigan that we had a wonderful dinner once.  The newspaper article gave a very nice history of the Inn and about the family that converted it into a restaurant as well as a Bed and Breakfast venue.  The son of the family is now the General Manager of the Inn and has worked very hard in his chosen field and has enabled the Inn to reap additional accolades.  The have received the Award of Excellence from The Wine Spectator magazine, as well as certified and listed by the Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRoNA).  The article also went on to say, that the General Manager spent five years at another fine restaurant that we have had the pleasure of dining at the Pump Room of Chicago.  One newspaper article has allowed me to draw attention to two different restaurants that I have dined at and wrote about in prior essays.


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