Tony K’s Grill in Dearborn, Michigan

I have mentioned The Topper restaurant in Dearborn on a prior article, and Tony K’s Grill came after the owner decided to retire and his son took over the business.  The new generation made The Topper brighter in color and appearance.  All the great pictures of famous people in hats were gone.  This was a renovation of a classic restaurant.  While the décor had changed, the new ownership was wise in maintaining some of the classic dishes that were the most popular.

MI Tony Ks Grill MB

They also tried to maintain some entertainment in the venue and offered a duet, which my Bride and I have followed around the metro Detroit area.  They sang popular medleys and songs, and they were placed near a small dance floor area in the restaurant.  This made us very happy to be able to go somewhere and have dinner, a bottle of wine and do our attempt at dancing.   My favorite dish was maintained without any adjustments to the classic recipe of braised short ribs, so I was very happy.  My Bride also was happy because they continued their classic salmon dinner as well.

Villa Sopita MDA 1994

One of the other continuations alas was a short wine list, but as long as I could find something to compliment our dinners that was enjoyable, we were happy.  One of the wines that we would enjoy was a Montepulciano D’Abruzzo from Italy.  As I have stated a few times before, this is always a “go-to” wine for us.  Some wines we have tried have been better than others, but we could always know that we would be able to have a bottle of wine that we could depend on, for the evening.  One of the wines that we enjoyed there was a Villa Sopita Montepulciano D’Abruzzo 1994.  A good wine, a fine meal and some dancing was more than anyone could request from an evening out.


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