Candles and Wine

Candles at the dinner table are such a final touch for a wonderful dinner, especially if the lights on the chandelier have been dimmed.  Candles are also very useful when you are decanting that fine bottle of wine, as you can watch to see when you should stop pouring the wine from the bottle into the decanter.  Then you can also add a kitschy straw cover Chianti fiascha bottle that has oodles and oodles of assorted color wax that has dripped down the sides.  Unfortunately, every candle that I have tried seems to be drip less candle, so perhaps the old style candles are not made any more.  To me, that is the extent of candles with the subject of wine.

Fiascha Candle Holder

Of course I am married to a wonderful woman, who has never met a candle that she did not like.  From trick Birthday cake candles to votives, we have candles.  I joke sometimes that we are a warehouse for the Vatican because we have such an investment in candles in this house.  We have a wine bottle candle center piece to put on our dining room table at times.

Wine Candle Center Piece

Then we have received a set of scented wine candles that are in small wine glasses that are decorated with individual stemware jewelry.  The scents of these candles are Champagne, Merlot, Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Zinfandel.

Wine Scented Candles

Then we also have gizmos that can be placed into an empty wine bottle that has been filled with liquid candle wax to make a “themed” candle holder.  After all of these photographs and write-ups about wine accessories, I will be glad to get back to some articles about wines, but right now I think I will just pour myself a glass of wine and relax after this series of articles that are off tangent.

Bottle Candles


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4 Responses to Candles and Wine

  1. WOW, those wine-scented candles could be a nightmare. Have you tried them?

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