Wine Themed Gifts

I realize that I am way off on a tangent, which is what I get for trying to clean the house in preparation for a big family dinner.  I started looking at all the items that we have received and purchased over the years.  We have different items from simple paper rings, to little pieces of stemware jewelry to identify people’s wine glasses, when all of the stemware matching at a party.  We have place holders for the dining room table that are in pewter for assigned seating with a wine theme.

Wine Glass Markers    Wine Place Settings

We have a wonderful little gadget called the Vinturi, which is a rapid aerator for wine, to give maximum air to the wine directly from the bottle.  This can be used directly over a wine glass or into a decanter.  I have found that this helps some wines immensely, as soon as the bottle is opened.


To keep the table clean, which sometimes is impossible, we have a squashed or flattened wine bottle with a Duckhorn Winery Paraduxx label for resting service wear on.  We also have different wine bottle coasters to keep any drips from staining the table linens.

Paraduxx Spoon Rest     Bottle Coasters

We have different items for chilling wine.  We have a floor piece ice bucket, as well as a marble wine table top chiller for a wine that has already been chilled.  We also have a gadget that you put in the refrigerator and then if you bring a bottle of wine from the cellar, you insert the tube into the bottle of wine and chill the wine from the inside out.

Icer     Wine Chillers

Also for the table for decoration and usefulness is a set of sterling salt and pepper shakers that are shaped like two wine glasses.  We also have a centerpiece item that is of two butlers that will hold a bottle of wine to showcase the dinner wine before we are seated for dinner.

Sterling Glass Shakers


Wine Butlers       Wine Butlers with Bottle


To keep everything neat after each opening of a new bottle of wine, we have received these baskets or cages to drop the corks into.  I have been saving the corks, and when I am fully motivated I will finish the crown molding in my wine cellar with the corks that I have saved.

Cork Basket 1        Cork Basket 2

Finally, because I have a Bride that likes to have coasters under every glass, especially in the living room or the family room we have coasters.  Yes we have coasters, all with wine themes.  My favorite set has depictions of famous labels of French Burgundy wines in an antique finish.  Then my Bride also enjoys some hot plates to put on the table that have funny little whimsical sayings on them.

Wine Coasters 1    Wine Coasters 2

I realize none of this is truly about wine, but what happens when you get two people together who like to collect esoteric items that can be used.

Wine Coasters 3


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A non-technical wine writer, who enjoys the moment with the wine, as much as the wine. Instagram/thewineraconteur Facebook/ The Wine Raconteur
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2 Responses to Wine Themed Gifts

  1. I love the salt and pepper shakers. That is so awesome. I love the Burgundy coasters. Saw a lot of them during my last trip, but then I am not really a coaster user so I ended up not buying them. I also save corks, but they go into a glass vase (instead of flowers, not a big fan of cut flowers).

    • Oliver,
      I have containers galore in the basement holding the corks, as I say, until I get the energy to start the crown molding of corks in my cellar. Another project, but who knows when.
      – John

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