Dinner, Rock & Roll and the Flats

In one night we went to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, dinner and drinks, while we were attending a convention in downtown Cleveland.  That is what comes from preplanning a trip, no matter the destination.

OH Sweetwater's Cafe Sausalito MB                 Callaway Sauvignon Blanc 1998

We started the evening off at Sweetwater’s Café Sausalito, which we later found out, is part of a group of restaurants that includes our neighboring city of Ann Arbor.  After a full day at the convention we looked forward to having a quick dinner, so that we had time for the museum.  We started off by sharing some crab cakes, then my Bride had chicken quesadillas and I enjoyed a shrimp pasta dish.  Since this was in August and the heat that day was intense, we enjoyed a bottle of Callaway Vineyard & Winery Sauvignon Blanc 1998.   This California wine was just the refresher we needed and the bit of sharpness worked well with our dinner.

OH Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Guide

After dinner we headed straight over to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  Some of that year inductees were Billy Joel, Curtis Mayfield, Paul McCartney, Del Shannon, Dusty Springfield, Bruce Springsteen and the Staples Singers.  There were six levels of displays, videos, music and just pure fun to enjoy.  All of the newest inductees had special display areas and there was a special area devoted to Elvis Presley as well.  There was a lot to do and see, while we were there and we walked off our dinner very easily.

OH Sammy's MB

Since it was quite early still in the evening, we ventured off to an area, just off of the downtown known as the Flats.  The Flats of Cleveland was a former industrial area that had become a center of entertainment, restaurants and bars.  It was a lively area, and reminded us a little bit of the French Quarter of New Orleans in the electricity of the area.  We stopped in one of the venues, Sammy’s in the Flats and had some good bar food and we enjoyed a bottle of Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon 1996, which is a California wine.  By the time we were through listening to some of the music and our dinner and ventured back out in the Flats, the area was not as electric, as we witnessed too many people who had over indulged in revelry and it did not have the same feeling as it did earlier.  We hailed a cab and returned back to our hotel, but for day and evening for us had been a good time.

Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon 1998


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