Fulton’s Crab House/ Stone Crab Lounge at Pleasure Island

Once again, we tempted the fates to see if we would end up braying with pointed ears and tails.  Happily that was not the case.  We were going to another restaurant at Pleasure Island and this particular restaurant was owned by the same corporation that owned a restaurant in Chicago that my Bride just loved, and they had the greatest Crème Brulee and she was hoping for a repeat.

FL Fulton's 1 MB


We were going to Fulton’s Crab House and the Stone Crab Lounge.  As in all venues in the realm of Disney, this restaurant was unique in that it replicated an old steamer ship that would have plied the Mississippi River in another era.   Think of Fulton’s steam boat and then add seafood and a grill and you have the makings for a memorable destination.

FL Fulton's 2 MB


I would venture to say that this was the finest meal we had on the grounds and environs of Disney.  We started off our dinner with Lobster Bisque with the proper lacing of Sherry.  We then shared a plate of Stone Crabs.  For our main entrée my Bride enjoyed an Ahi Tuna “Nicoise” salad with an olive tapenade, which pleased her very much, and I had a wonderful order of Crab Cakes, which I was pleased to find were not over cooked and dry, which can happen with this dish.  When we were having coffee and ordering our dessert, we discovered that they did not have the Crème Brulee that we had enjoyed in Chicago, but they served a Chocolate version of this dish.  It was just as good as we had remembered the classic version to be.  With all of this seafood we were dining on we had to select a bottle of white wine.  We settled on a very nice bottle of a California chardonnay.  It was a Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay 1998 from the Carneros district.  The “oakiness” of this chardonnay was very pleasant with the selection of dishes that we enjoyed.

Beaulieu Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay Carneros 1998


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