Planet Hollywood at Pleasure Island

When I think of Pleasure Island I still have visions of little boys doing all of the bad things that they could do, from the cartoon film Pinocchio and remember how in the end they all became donkeys.  Thankfully the Pleasure Island on the Disney grounds does not end in such an ominous fate.  There is an adult life to Disney after dark.


FL Planet Hollywood Orlando MB

One of the restaurants that we tried while we were in Orlando was part of a larger chain, but one that we had never gone to, until then.  We went to Planet Hollywood in Orlando, Florida.  This is a very large structure that had three floors to it, with as I recall a zebra like covering on some of the panels and chairs.  I think most of the fun was during the time, we were waiting to be seated, even with a reservation.  I strolled around the many nooks and crannies of the restaurant looking at all of the movie paraphernalia and memorabilia that was on display.  I remember seeing Dorothy’s dress and the ruby slippers in one case, and then there were several displays from the original Star Wars movies.  Of course for men of my era, what would be more interesting then seeing props from the James Bond classic “From Russia with Love.”  There were vehicles and large props suspended over head of the diners, and there were items to see, almost every where you looked.

KJ Chardonnay 1996


We even found time from our gawking to have dinner.  The restaurant is geared for the masses and offer good food, but nothing stellar.  We enjoyed two different entrée dishes, one was a Mahi Mahi plate and the other was a Salmon Teriyaki dish.   The wine list was not extensive, and to be truthful I did not expect a large selection to choose from and we went safe, not that there was anything exotic to choose from.  We had a bottle of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay 1996.  I find this always a safe and good choice when the choices are at a minimum and I am quite confident that it will beat any house wine that is served in a carafe.  Between all of the film memories, and our enjoyment of being on holidays, the wine just added to the pleasure of the evening, and more important our ears did not grow pointed and we did not develop tails.


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