Disney-MGM Studios and the Hollywood Brown Derby

We made a third amusement park on the one trip, and we had the best wine and lunch at this destination.  The lines were the longest, as this was a new park when we got there.  The big hype was The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and the Star Tours (Star Wars) ride.

FL Brown Derby Photo


I think what I enjoyed most about the Twilight Zone attraction, was how they took old television clips of Rod Serling and through the magic of computers had him introduce this new ride.  I was just mesmerized by it.  The ride was fun, and we even bought the picture of us that was snapped so quickly.



The Star Wars ride was really a 3D film and surround sound, and even the chairs were wired to enhance the film.  I am sure that these were all done to see if in the future if it would/could work in a theatrical setting.  Every time we now see a 3D cinematic film, I think back to this “ride.”

FL Disney-MGM MB


I think by this time we were all worn out from the rides and the parks, but we ended up having a wonderful lunch at the Hollywood Brown Derby.  This is a recreation of the famed establishment that is part of Hollywood’s glorious past.  There were the ink caricatures of Hollywood’s royalty of days of yore.  Some where in the labyrinth of cookbooks and recipe cards here in the house are the recipes of the meals that we enjoyed that day.  The meals and the wine were most enjoyable, but with out the actual souvenirs, I would not wish to hazard a guess.  We only had wine by the glass at the restaurants at the parks, because it would have been difficult to carry the empty bottles around.  Suffice it to say, that if you are there, and enjoy food and wine, this is the place to sit back and relax.


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