EPCOT and Wine

On another day in Orlando, we ventured off to EPCOT the educational part of the Disney complex.  This is a huge complex geared more for adults, but still with a good nod to the children.



I must say that there was a lot to see and study at this park.  It also felt like a merchandiser’s dream.  Most of the pavilions were sponsored by major corporations like General Motors, AT&T, MetLife, Exxon, United Technologies, Nestles and Kodak to just name a few.  Then there was the World Showcase with stops at Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, The American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, the United Kingdom and Canada.

FL EPCOT photo


We decided to have lunch in the French district at a “sidewalk” café called Au Petit Café that featured table service.  It was as charming of a place as one could dine at in a commercial setting.  We had a salad and a light lunch of a French sandwich.  The wines were from the Barton & Guestier firm, and we each had a glass of Bordeaux, before we continued on to finish the park.  Even at an amusement park my Bride and I try to be civilized.

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2 Responses to EPCOT and Wine

  1. How was the German section? And, I have to say: You look very dapper! 🙂

    • Oliver,
      Thank you for your sartorial observation and critique. The German section when I was there had a buffet type restaurant, or bratwurst sandwiches. The wines that were offered were by H.Schmitt Sohne GmbH. So we opted for the French area.
      – John

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