La Trattoria Restaurant in Dearborn, Michigan

This was a delightful little restaurant right across the street from the City Hall of Dearborn, in what is referred to as East Dearborn.  It was always a busy place of good homemade pastas and a small, but nice menu of classic Italian cuisine.  It was the kind of restaurant, one would think of as a good neighborhood eatery.



At lunch time, it was always packed, because of the local government and all of the businessmen that frequented Dearborn.  We used to go there in the evening, when it was much calmer and you could enjoy a serene, leisurely dinner.  It was a place where you would start out with an antipasto salad, a rich soup, a side plate of pasta and then one of several different dishes for your entrée.  They had a couple of good veal dishes, that were always prepared properly, and then you would finish off with a cannoli and some good coffee.

Bolla Valpolicella 1992


The wine list, of course was heavily weighted towards Italian choices, which made perfect sense as that is what paired with the cuisine.  The restaurant carried good basic wines, which were well known.  A typical selection for dinner would be a Bolla Valpolicella 1992.  Bolla is a very big Italian shipper and blender of wines; they have become a brand unto themselves.  In fact Bolla is one of the largest shippers of Valpolicella wines for the valley just north of Verona.  This a very deep colored and full flavored wine made from the Corvina Veronese, Rondinella, and Molinara grape varietals.  The wine that I am showing is the base Valpolicella wine, as there are other classifications of it offered as well.


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  1. michelle says:

    im actually on a computer & can write here!!! i remember this place!! 🙂

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