Pebble Beach

If you say Pebble Beach to most people, they automatically think of golf, and rightfully so.  In the Detroit area besides thinking of golf there is also the legendary car show Concours d’Elegance.  This legendary area in the Monterey peninsula, which does have eight famous golf courses, is the main reason people visit here year round.


There are two entrances to get into Pebble Beach, which is an unincorporated community.  At either entrance is a toll booth for non-residents as you have to pay to enter the community.  My receipt for the toll to get onto 17 Mile Drive at the time was $8.00 and unfortunately the receipt is too faded for me to get a good scan of it.  The receipt can be used as credit at any of the public golf courses or restaurants in Pebble Beach.  17 Mile Drive meanders around the entire community and as you drive around you get to see all of the legendary golf courses, breathtaking views of the ocean and homes that are unbelievably beautiful.


Of course since we were there and had to pay to drive in this beautiful part of the world, and were not there to golf, we decided to stop and have lunch.  We pulled up to The Lodge at Pebble Creek and decided to dine at Stillwater Bar & Grill.  The $8.00 credit, probably covered the tax for lunch, but we were on our holidays and having fun.  We enjoyed an abalone dish and a chicken dish during our stop.  Abalone is a famous fish, which from what we were told is only legally allowed to be fished for in this area, so we took advantage of enjoying it as fresh as possible.  As usual we shared each other’s dishes to savor the experience.

Carpe Diem Chardonnay 2002

While there we also enjoyed a bottle of Carpe Diem Chardonnay 2002 from Carpe Diem Cellars of San Luis Obiso, California.  The wine was listed as being from the Firepeak Vineyard of Edna Valley.  So we seized the day as the wine suggested and enjoyed this fine wine with our meal and enjoyed looking out on the ocean.  After our lunch we continued our drive on 17 Mile Drive and exited back into Carmel where we were staying.

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