The Canopy in Brighton, Michigan

The Canopy was a popular restaurant in Brighton, Michigan a few decades ago.  It was a steakhouse before the term meant “premium.”  At the time, it was the finest establishment there, and they did a fine business the times that I was there.  They had a nice bar; this was the era when you either spent before dinner or after dinner in the lounge.  Times were more relaxed and one socialized more in these types of establishments.


MI The Canopy MB


This was the kind of restaurant that featured prime rib, porterhouse and T-bone steaks.  There were also a few seafood dishes and I will venture to say a chicken dinner as well.  There was one large dining room and then a second room that was used either as additional dining area or for parties.  In the era that they were busy, I believe that they had a smorgasbord feature one night a week.


Vin Rouge Lichine


This was a restaurant of its time and cocktails were king.  Wine was a secondary offering in places of this nature.  Which was fine, people dined, but they were not “foodies” like today.  So back then we enjoyed wines like Alexis Lichine Vin Rouge, a red table wine; or when offered a basic red Bordeaux like Chateau Redon.  Even then I would try to find a bottle of wine to make the dinner more special.  The restaurant is gone now, but there is a fine wine and liquor store in Brighton with the same name, and I have bought a few bottles there on occasion.

Chateau Redon Bordeaux

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4 Responses to The Canopy in Brighton, Michigan

  1. Denice Blanchard says:

    I worked there in 1965-66. Earl played the piano in the main Dinning. Also in the lounge later in the evening. smorgasborg on Thursday nights were amazing. Standing prime rib and sides delighted many. Hot pecan roles was my favorite. Reasonably priced on thursday. Old style service was complete and quiet,the hostess was the only one in the dining area if she had to go to the kitchen to get your waitress something was wrong. That very seldom happened. Elegant low lights mild music. For the most part. Dick Fretenburg. Jerry Hopkins bartenders. Union waitsraff

  2. Susan says:

    I was one to go here as a teen almost 18 years old – that was the legal drinking age then. My mom would take me to lunch and we got “all gussied up” …. She liked the bartender there and taught me how he personally did not drink – even a drop. I felt so special dining with my mom – usually lunch….she loved Topinkas, The Canopy, The Roostertail, Victoria Station, Laffrey’s….Mom died just a few short years later when I was 22…. I sure miss her – and have for 35 years or so – those are to me such sweet memories!

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