Brasserie Jo

When in Chicago, my Bride and I try to go native, which means to walk a lot especially to and from restaurants, because we are either trying to make room for dinner or walk off the dinner we just had.  We walked by this little Brasserie Jo on many occasions after having dinner elsewhere.  My Bride said that on our next trip we have to try this place.  Well who am I, to say no to a new restaurant.  So on the following trip to Chicago we had dinner there and it was only a couple of blocks from our hotel, which is why we went past it so often.

IL Brasserie Jo MB


Brasserie Jo is a quaint restaurant with an Art Deco air about it.  It had that brasserie feel about it with the menu on the walls, a big bar with a lot of long handled beer taps and table clothes.  A little on the dark side, I guess for atmosphere and lots and lots of diners.  Everyone seemed to have little conversations that all kind of built into its crescendo and added to the ambience.

Vouvray Loire Dupre


We had escargot in a classic butter and garlic sauce, and a Foie gras pate with spicy ground mustard.  Some of the best bread that I can remember and we each had a serving of a thick French Onion Soup that had a great cheese topping.  My Bride had a halibut dish and I almost went for the hanger steak, but our waiter suggested the shrimp in a bag, actually a large puff pastry shell and I am glad that I did it was wonderful.  Afterwards we tried a couple of great desserts and we had a wonderful night of it.  Since it was in August when we were there and we both had sea food I ordered a Vouvray wine.  It is a white wine from the Loire district.  It worked extremely well through the evening and may have even been enhanced by the August heat, but all in all it was a good choice for a wine that I do not usually order.

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