Updates on Prior Articles (like Joey’s Stable’s)

As I was searching for some records from other trips, I found another box of mementos, and yes I am a pack rat, at least it is good for this current endeavor.  What to make of this find?  There will be a few articles from this small box that I found, but there were also items that I knew I had, but had misplaced from past writings.

MI Retro fitted bar from Joey's Stables

First, let me begin by noting an article in the real estate section of this past Sunday’s Detroit Free Press.  There was an article about a horse ranch for sale in Metamora, which I almost didn’t read until I noticed the photograph at the bottom of the page.  It was the bar from Joey’s Stables in good old Delray/Detroit.  It turns out that the gentleman that owns that house that is now for sale had bought the bar, had it dismantled and rebuilt in his home.  From the picture I could not tell if the fable booths with the carved horse heads and bits were also acquired by him.  I am glad to see that part of this great restaurant had been saved and not far from its home.  I wrote about Joey’s back on 9 October 2012, and I guess that I am not computer savvy enough to figure out how to make hyperlinks to past articles (so please bear with me).

LA Commander's Palace MB                 LA Restaurant Antoine MB

There were also some matchbooks from our trips to New Orleans that I did not show:

Commander’s Palace           28 July, 2012

Antoine’s                             29 July, 2012

Galatoire’s                           30 July, 2012

Arnaud’s                              31 July, 2012

Court of Two Sisters           1 August, 2012

LA Galatoire's MB                LA Court of Two Sisters MB

LA Arnaud's MB

On a sad note, I have also read that the Caucus Club, which I wrote about on 17 September, 2012 is closing.


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