Stafford’s The Weathervane in Charlevoix, Michigan

As I momentarily sift through my collections of memorabilia of wines and restaurants I picked up the matchbook from Stafford’s in Charlevoix.  We have been to the hotel as well as the restaurant several times for get-away trips, and sometimes when my Bride has business functions.   It is a beautiful part of the state and Charlevoix is a fun place to wander around, there are shops, pubs, restaurants, boats and water to look at and enjoy, not to mention the “people watching.”

MI Stafford's MB

Stafford’s Weathervane is an historic inn and restaurant for Charlevoix.  It was originally a gristmill that was converted over to the present venue.  The restaurant that is there has been doing a great business long before I was aware of it, and I do hope they continue for years to come.  They have excellent steaks and are know for the fish.  My Bride is always looking forward to the Whitefish dinner on a plank, which she has been ordering for years.

Saintsbury Chardonnay Carneros 1999

One trip I actually broke down and tried the Whitefish, as it is not my favorite fish as I find that it is too mild for my tastes.  After having an appetizer of seafood, then a house salad for my Bride and some soup for me, we were both going to enjoy the Whitefish.  I have to admit that the dish was far superior to the Whitefish I have had elsewhere.  Perhaps it was the ambience, the company or the preparation (I believe a combination of the three) that made this dish so enjoyable.   We also enjoyed a bottle of Saintsbury Chardonnay 1999 that evening that paired very well with the entire evening’s selections.  This wine is from the Carneros region, and it is just a great wine, and on an early summer evening overlooking the water what can be better?

MI Weathervane Inn MB


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