Pine Ridge Resort

Years ago, a friend of mine told me of this hidden get-away for couples.   He told me that it was just what was needed to relax and have a good time.  We checked it out and were told that we would get some complimentary food and wine with our check in.  We were young and carefree, so off we went.

MI Pine Ridge MB



Pine Ridge was north of the Ann Arbor corridor and at the time we were there it was still pretty rural, I have no idea what the area is like now, but I would venture that it is still pastoral.   The resort advertised that it was a year round escape lodge, catering to the nature hikes and snow mobile trails in the winter.




I have to admit that we had never been to a venue like this and it was unique in our experiences.  There was a large hot tub in the room overlooking the woods outside, not far from a gas fireplace.  There was also a large waterbed that had a mirrored ceiling above.  Well they advertised that they were for couples and the activities were left to the couples.



The food and wine were another story, when we were booking they asked about our preference for wine; red, white or rose.  We asked for white wine during the process.   While we were discovering the features of the room we found that there was a carafe of chilled white wine and a small platter of cubed cheese, crackers and a type of hunter’s sausage, and a small assortment of fruit.  I am glad that we were not going to be reliant on the largesse of the resort.

Domaine Andre Brunel CdR 1994


We had packed a basket for the trip with all sorts of gourmet munchies that one doesn’t normally buy except for occasions.  So we had an assortment of pate spreads, artisan cheeses, charcuteries, smoked seafood and other finger foods of this nature.  We were going to relax and enjoy our company.  We had also packed a bottle of a Cote du Rhone wine to pair with our munchies.  There is always another bottle of a Cote du Rhone wine to try and it always works well with any type of dinner as far as we are concerned.  We were enjoying a bottle of Domaine Andre Brunel 1994 and it was a fine choice for this evening.


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