A Restaurant Called Home Sweet Home

The first time I went to Home Sweet Home was with my dinner club.  The restaurant was a retro-fitted home that was quite a good size home.  With my dinner club you really don’t get a real feel for a home as our hosts select three entrees for the evening.  Each meeting we have three hosts and they select the venue, the menu and pick up the entire meal and drinks for the night.  Then the rest of the year, they enjoy meals on other host’s dime.  It works quite well as I have been a member of this over a hundred year club for about twenty-five years.  The dinner here was fine, but the accommodations for forty men was not adequate as we did not have our own room, but sequestered off in a corner of a large room.  This is really not the best situation for our meetings.


The food that evening was good enough for my Bride and me to go there on our own and enjoy a dinner.  The restaurant featured good “American” food or as some like to refer to as “comfort food.”   We had a good dinner and relaxed and enjoyed our company.


The wine list was not large, but I did find a Cotes du Rhone wine.  This designation will always get my attention as the wine is usually not expensive, but there is enough flavor and body to always enhance a meal.  The bottle was from Domaine de l’Espigouette 1995 and was bottled at the domaine according to the wine label.  So far I have never encountered a bad bottle of Cotes du Rhone and I have enjoyed many over the years.


The restaurant unfortunately did not make it, as it was in a secluded area that is surrounded by residential subdivisions and off the main roads.  It is now a Japanese restaurant with a “fusion” touch.  They must be doing something right, as they have been open for about a decade.


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