Win Schuler’s and a Piesporter

Win Schuler’s is a popular restaurant in Michigan with several locations.  For people that have never ate there they may still know the name by the crocks of bar cheese that are found in all of the supermarkets, it is an orange whipped cheese with horseradish that can be addicting when you start noshing on it.  The restaurant was at that time more of a family style operation and they were very good at it.


We were part of a large group that was celebrating a friend’s birthday at the Ann Arbor location one time.  It was a group of partiers who were more interested in the party, than in the dinner.  I don’t remember much of the dinner, other than having chicken, but it was served family style for the group, and there were assorted starters and sides.  I understood that the restaurant is noted for their Prime Rib dinners, but I went with the flow, and who am I to make waves, especially at a party.


The guest of honor was partial to white slightly sweet wines and that is what we were drinking that evening.  We were drinking John Klauss Piesporter Michelsberg Qualitatswein 2001 from the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer area of Germany.  Piesporter Michelsberg is one of the regional wines of the district, not the name of a specific vineyard as it would appear.  The grapes can come from a multitude of vineyards within a certain delineated area and blended for this designation.  The wines of this nature while agreeable will never be up to the standards that some of the important vineyards for Piesport.  For a large group this was a good choice that everyone could enjoy without a large outlay of cash.


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