La Bistecca Revisited

Last night we met some friends that we have not seen in ages and we met again at La Bistecca.  We have had some wonderful evenings of dinner and wine with them at several venues, even once out in San Jose, California; they were coming to the wine country and we were just leaving, if we were there at the same time for the period, it would have been a spectacular trip.  Please forgive me that I am digressing a bit, in my discussion of wine and food.



We met again at La Bistecca in Plymouth, Michigan and started off with cocktails to catch up with what has been going on with each other’s life.  A glass of Hendricks, a couple of Negronis and my usual Vermouth Cocktail, which always causes the waiter or waitress to return with a question, how is this drink made.  It is a very simple drink of half Sweet Vermouth, half Dry Vermouth and a dash of Angostura Bitters.  I enjoy this appareritif as I find it to get the taste buds ready for a great dinner.



One of the ladies had a Pork Chop Special set on Butternut Squash Risotto, while my Bride had a Scaloppini of Provimi Veal with garlic, wild mushrooms and Marsala wine.  As for the two men, we both ordered Beef Short Ribs with a Reduction Sauce and Saffron Risotto (what can I say I am a creature of habit).  For dessert we ordered an order of Spumoni with was served in three scoops, each scoop enveloped in a hard crust of chocolate and a Limon cello Mascarpone cake with four new spoons and forks so that everyone could sample.


For a wine, I selected a Cesari Amarone Classico Della Valpolicella 2008.  The richness of the wine seemed too paired wonderfully with the assorted entrees.  I have discussed the unique way that Amarone is made in a prior article and we discussed this as well at the table.  Our guests also said that they have had Amarone wines before and have a couple of bottles resting at their new home.   All in all that is what wine and food is best for, to bring good friends together for an evening of fun and happiness.


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2 Responses to La Bistecca Revisited

  1. Went to High School in Plymouth! Back then, I had no idea what Amarone was, of course!

    • Join the club, when I was in high school I did not know about Amarone either, but that is when I first started to self-educate myself on wines. I think I addressed this in one of my first couple of posts.
      I am not sure of your age, but La Bistecca may not have been in existence when you lived in Plymouth.
      – John

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