Dancing and Wine

When my Bride and I were still dating we took dance lessons and were always looking for a place to practice.  Not far from where we bought our home, as we were getting close to the nuptials there was a restaurant that used to have a combo a couple nights a week that played the old standards.  It was called Bobby’s Country House and was located in a building on one of the public golf courses where we lived.  We would invite other friends to join us, as normally we were the youngest couple on the dance floor, which was fine, as it was a pleasure to watch some couples dance that had been dancing together for decades.  Even after our nuptials we would continue to frequent this venue until they closed, which we lamented, because of all the fun we would have.



We did not go to the restaurant mainly for the food, but they gave an honest count for the money.  We would have steaks or ribs or fish, which were all fine, nothing fancy, but we were really there for the chance to go dancing.  With an appetizer, salad, entrée, dessert that we would split along with a bottle of wine, we could be by for usually less than fifty dollars, which was a wonderful night out.  It was also a place that our friends would not grumble that everything was so expensive, as some of the other places that we would venture to could become.


The restaurant would did not have an extensive wine list and it might change monthly, but since it was the fun that we were looking for, we overlooked this fact.  As a matter of fact I could always find something that added to the evening no matter what we decided to dine on.   One of my notated wine labels from one of our nights of dining and dancing was a Cabernet Sauvignon from Guenoc in the Lake Country designation with a vintage year of 1994.  This wine was enjoyed by us, perhaps by the ambience of the evening.  As I have stated in the past and will again, the wine need not be a famous wine to add to the enjoyment of the evening and the dinner.  When you are having a good time, the wine fuels the energy of the evening even more so.  What more can you ask of any wine.

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