A Wedding at the Skyline Club

Here and there around the Metro Detroit Area are private clubs that most people are not even aware of.  Most of these clubs are supported by businessmen who want to impress clients and wine and dine them away from some of the regular corporate restaurants.  The Skyline Club is one these venues.  It is located in a multi-high rise complex in Southfield, Michigan.  They even had a special elevator to take people directly to their floor.


A good friend of my Bride was getting married, and the Groom’s Best Man was a member of the Skyline Club (as it turns out, the Best Man was a mutual friend of mine, as we had attended college together).   The Bride that evening looked wonderful as all brides do, and the appointments and the dinner were all first class, as would be expected from a venue of this nature.  It was all very elegant, and befitted the guests as well as the happy couple.


Most of the evening people were drinking cocktails, because it was a bar that served all quality pours.  There were no “well” drinks that evening, and most people were taking advantage of this fact, as people will do.  My Bride and I drank red wine for the evening, but I can not remember what brand we were drinking, so I shall surmise that it was good and that I was enjoying myself.   I do remember the Champagne for the toast and then having some more as the evening went on.  The Champagne was Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin Brut (non-vintage) from Reims, France.  This I remember as I commandeered an empty bottle to take home.  I tend to do this where ever I go, as I have no shame, and it is a great way to save a label.

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2 Responses to A Wedding at the Skyline Club

  1. This was the first bottle of champagne I carried over from Europe for our first new year’s eve together…

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