Plums and Beaujolais

In the early days of the seventies, wine was not as prevalent or as popular in restaurants and clubs.  There was a chain of restaurants in some of the Holiday Inns in the area called Plums that catered to the business man traveling and employees having dinner after work.  They had created their own scene and they were a popular watering hole at the time.  They were not gourmet in food or presentation, but the customers they were aiming at were not of that league either.  What they offered was good food for a good price.  It was a good place for people that did not have big expense accounts or big per-diems, but offered a nice after hour’s atmosphere.


Since wine was not a lure back then, the wine lists were smaller and they could get by with generic wine names and a price.  This sufficed as it was more esoteric and most of the diners were not knowledgeable.


Beaujolais was a name that was popular, I believe back then as it was easy to read and pronounce.  It was a red wine that was not too heavy, too dry or too much tannin.  It also had a fruit forward; slightly sweet taste and it would please most people.  When you see just Beaujolais on the label that is the most generic designation of the district; and consequently it is the most popular in price.   It made the customers and the restaurant happy on several fronts.  It was a win, win proposition.  I remember drinking a lot of different Beaujolais wines in this era, because they were available.  Eventually I learned and tasted Beaujolais Villages, which is the next designation, and finally started to find individual village offerings which aided my thirst for wine knowledge.  All of this exposition is leading to why I am talking about a Beaujolais wine that I had one night by the negociants Henri Tytell et Fils which was perfect in the setting that it was presented in.  I have to admit that I do enjoy a bottle of Beaujolais to this day, in the many different ways that I am offered it.  Not always do I need a super bottle of wine to enjoy a meal, especially with friends.


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