Miss Saigon and a Merlot

Back in 1994 Miss Saigon was coming to Detroit and was going to appear at the Masonic Temple Theater.   We were going to see the show, so we had to decide where to dine before the show.  We settled on the Traffic Jam, also known as TJ’s.   When I was in high school it was called the Snug, then it became the Snug/Traffic Jam and finally just Traffic Jam.  They slowly evolved from a great soup and sandwich shop to a full restaurant.  They also became a bakery, a micro-brewery and started making assorted cheeses.


When we got to the restaurant there painted on the street in front of the restaurant was a helicopter landing pad of the Miss Saigon logo.  The Traffic Jam was as avid for the musical as was Detroit.



Another unique aspect of the restaurant was their attitude towards wine.  Their wine department was run as a retail operation, and the selections were always changing.  Rather then having a wine list, you went and picked out the wine or wines that you wanted, some being in a cooler, and then they charged you a corkage fee.  I wish more restaurants operated this way.


I don’t remember the meal that we had, but I do remember finding a wine that I did not know about.  It was a bottle of Merlot wine, labeled Famille Bonverre from California.  It also said “The Trials of Marguerite B., The Saga Continues.”  What really intrigued me was that it was by St. Supery Winery in Rutherford (Napa Valley).  This was a winery that we had visited and done a tasting while we were there.  It is also a winery that we really enjoyed and always looked for their listing on any wine list that we looked at.  I have never seen this wine offered again, though I do admit that I never searched even on the internet for it.   I have to say that I enjoyed the wine much more then I enjoyed the play, while my Bride enjoyed both equally.


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