L’Attitudes in Marquette and a Famous Wine

Well I guess I couldn’t wait for the cold weather, so I went with my Bride up to Marquette in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan just off of Lake Superior.  She was giving a seminar and I was tagging along.  Looking out of my window at the lake and the downtown area in a warm room is nice.  The sky is gray though and a harbinger of the seasonal change.

We arrived last night at the hotel and unpacked, refreshed and went out for dinner.  Dinner and restaurant selections are my domain when we travel and so far I am way on the plus side of good choices.  Last night was not an exception.  We went down the hill as they say in Marquette on the water front to a restaurant called L’Attitudes.  It was well appointed and felt more as if it should have been in Chicago, or maybe a resort destination, not to say that Marquette is not a destination.

The menu was divided into “Small Bites,” “Medium Bites,” and “Big Bites.”  There was a definite Pacific Rim infusion to the menu, which made my Bride very happy.  We split an Ahi Tuna Tostado that had some wasabi and ginger on the side.  Then my Bride ordered a lightly seared Blackened Ahi Tuna and I ordered a smoked Duck Gumbo.  Both orders of the Tuna came out “medium” instead of “seared,” but still had good taste and texture.  The gumbo was excellent, with large pieces of Duck and Andouille sausage.  We then shared a nice piece of pumpkin cheese cake.

The big surprise of the evening was a bottle of Chateau Montelena.  We had never had the pleasure of trying this wine before, so I had to order it. The waiter said that this was the first bottle of the wine that they had served.  We gave him a brief history of the wine crouched in cinematic references to “Bottle Shock.”  He came back later and said that the bartender knew of the film, but did not put the two together.  Chateau Montelena was the white wine that won the blind taste contest in France in 1976 and created the impetuous that is now know as Napa Valley.  The first taste was pleasant, but as the wine opened up and breathed the power and majesty of the winemaker came out.  It reminded me more of a French wine, than a classic California Chardonnay, which is fine, and which may explain the winning of the contest.  By the end of the meal, the wine had fully come into its own.  My only complaint was that the wine glasses that we received had a slight green tint to them, so I could not appreciate the color of the wine.  There was one other great note for the evening, the Detroit Tigers had won again in New York, and even the rest of the patrons were happy with that.


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