Roma Cafe at the Eastern Market in Detroit

I can’t tell you how many times we have eaten here.  It is off the beaten path, even when you are in downtown Detroit.  If you are going to go to Roma Café, you are going to go there.  It is a destination spot and will continue to be.  It is Detroit’s oldest and continuous run eatery and it is where the Easter Market is situated just off of downtown.   They have one of the best staffs of wait people around, and as we like to joke, they should be, since they have been there since the opening.   The service is classic old world style with the tuxedoes and the table clothes.   I thank God that they haven’t tried to redo the restaurant, as that is the charm of the location.  It is not trendy, it is a tradition and you know it, as soon as you see the red and white awning on the building.


It is one of the places that I truly want to order the Antipasto plate as it still charms me with its simplicity and quality.   I love the pastas, including their Gnocchi which does not end up sitting at the bottom of your stomach for hours afterwards.  It is still one of the few places that one can still get Road House Style Frog Legs, which used to be a mainstay and now seems to have disappeared.   The seafood and all the grilled meats are worth the trip.  This is not a frou-frou place and dare I say it, a man’s restaurant, though my Bride loves it as much as I do.


The wine list is not extensive by today’s terms, but it is a good list.  You will not be looking at fifty pages of wines or a fancy hand held computer listing.    There are around seventy or eighty choices to pick from, which is more than ample and all have been selected to be paired with the dining menu.  It is one place that I know that I will always find my Ruffino Riserva Ducale Chianti Classico.  Year in and year out, it is usually consistent in quality and taste, so much so that I don’t even worry about the vintage year.   This wine is always great with the heartier red sauce pasta dishes, as well as most of the grilled offerings.  It is a full bodied Chianti, and I wish all Chianti wines were this good.  Ruffino has other Chianti wines that they offer, but do try the Gold Label Ducale the next time you see it on a wine list, you will be happy that you did.

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3 Responses to Roma Cafe at the Eastern Market in Detroit

  1. I agree on the riserva ducale. I have had their non-ducale chianti before and that was a let down (sometime in 2008, so probably an 07 or 09). But the ducale is usually good.

    • Oliver,
      I do believe I have seen Ruffino Chianti, Ruffino Chianti Classico and Ruffino Chianti Classico Riserva as well as the Gold Label Riserva Ducale.
      Unfortunately, not all wines are of the same quality, but that is what keeps us trying new bottles. I hope your day was wonderful.
      – John

      • Thanks, John. It was a splendid day…and ah, I cannot remember which one we bought, I think the classico riserva, but not sure…it was the early days of Nina’s and my relationship and there are other things I remember more vividly…:)

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